When You Need an Advocate in Schools

It seems like forever, even though it’s only been one academic year that you’ve faced resistance from your child’s school district.  You’ve continued to follow policy and the established rules, but still your child’s federal rights and protections regarding education are violated.  What do you do? Well, IEPplan.com gives you access to experienced advocates that understand special education provisions and can offer your insight on the best way to proceed.  Aside from the vast array of resources available on the site itself, imagine being able to connect with a knowledgeable advocate that can help you understand your rights, exercise them and hold the school district accountable.  If your difference of opinion on what direction to move in gets to a late enough stage, you could be facing costs of hiring an attorney to come to a mutual agreement.  The time lost, the investment of money that so many parents don’t have as an option…all of these challenges and more are overcome with your IEPplan.com membership.  Remember, when it comes to our children’s education, time is not a luxury that any of us have.