Diagnosis Pre-Natal to Three Years Old

Having a child diagnosed with a “disability” prior to or after birth, presents a unique set of challenges in and of itself.  As a parent you’re dealing with the weight of the news you’ve received, while simultaneously trying to figure out what in the world it’s going to take, to ensure your child lives a fulfilling life without limitations.  That’s where IEPplan.com can help.  As soon as your child is diagnosed, you can begin preparing to support them in accessing the best possible future outcomes.  With the help of IEPplan.com, you will be able to compile all of the information related to your child’s diagnosis in a proactive way and arm yourself with the knowledge required to drive their academic success.  By accessing resources available to you as an IEPplan.com member, you will walk into that first day of school prepared to effectively present your child’s case and ensure their educational needs are being met – on Day 1!  Well you may ask yourself, why is this membership necessary before my child is even in school?  Great question!  The days, weeks and at times even months lost because parents don’t understand the process, how to engage with the school district or how to articulate their child’s needs translates into potential years of developmental delays – because the appropriate supports were not in place.  Also understand how valuable it would be to start assessing your child’s strengths as soon as they enter the learning environment and being able to track them all the way through college.  Let IEPplan.com help you navigate the formative years.  Then we will facilitate the connection with employers who we’re already partnered with, that understand how important it is to capitalize on your child’s strengths and not their perceived deficits. Time is the one thing that we can’t get back and in the case of education, certainly can’t afford to lose.