Diagnosis Entering Pre-K or Kindergarten

Your child is excited about school – the new friends, new experiences and the leap of independence.  Unfortunately, a few months into the school year, you continue to receive phone calls and notes home regarding how “disruptive” or “defiant” your child is.  This is frustrating and upsetting, because you know how smart he is and know that teachers must be incorrectly classifying him or simply just don’t know how to reach him.  What you might not have ever considered is that perhaps your child may in fact be suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and is genuinely struggling with keeping still and focusing.  What could turn into years of frustrating disciplinary actions and suspensions, could easily be mitigated with the help of IEPplan.com.  The site will show you how and when to request a child study meeting.  This process will facilitate the evaluation of your child for potential learning, cognitive or behavioral disabilities which might be an impediment to academic success.  Why waste time fighting the school district’s perception of your child when IEPplan.com can guide you in definitively determining what barriers to success exist?