My child was not receiving FAPE for 5 years in our school district. I felt hopelessness. With the help of my advocate, we were able to successfully obtain an LRE that would finally provide FAPE for my child!

J. Cannon

I would like to thank you and your organization for taking the time out to attend the school board meeting. We truly appreciate all that you’re doing for our daughter and the help in making our school a better place.

Chamyka W.

I just wanted to thank you for coming to court yesterday. I want to thank you for your advice. You are right, God is still working on me and my emotions, but with wonderful people like you all, I know I”ll get there.

Laquetta M.

My school district wouldn’t accept my child’s IEP from my former state. Thank God I got the advice I needed.

Robin A.

Your support will allow me to do what was pre-existing in my journey for the betterment of our families and youth. I thank God for your life and his divine connections. You are valued and appreciated!

Latoya C.

IEPPLAN.COM/504PLAN.COM” have empowered me to be an effective advocate for both of my students that receive special education and speech services. I feel so much more confident when I interact with the school now that I understand the process and have the supports that I need.

Angela P.

IEPPLAN.COM is a lifesaver! I am able to prepare for my student’s IEP in a safe setting with individuals that I trust and know that want the best for my student. I no longer feel as though I am not a member of the IEP Team. I can make proposals and present ideas for my student and now, the school has to listen.

Michelle W.

IEPPLAN.COM, THANK YOU! You gave me and my student a voice! Thank you!

Tracy P.

I do not have to worry about being alone during IEP Meetings anymore! IEPPLAN.COM has supported me from the beginning to the end of the special education process. My student’s IEP is better than it has ever been because everyone that supports him, from his grandparents to his pediatrician, had the opportunity to review the IEP and offer feedback throughout IEPPLAN.COM.

Due to being a military family, my spouse would always miss out on participating in the IEP meetings for our student. Not anymore! We are able to review, discuss, and make recommendations regarding the IEP even when my spouse is halfway around the world! Thank you, IEPPLAN.COM!

Angie L.

There are so many parents out there that need help! I know because I was one of them until IEPPLAN.COM was shared with me. Now, we have a team of Parent Advocates that support each other in our school district. It feels so good to not attend another IEP meeting unprepared. I know what my student needs, I know my rights, and I can advocate for it.

Jennifer M.