Frequently Asked Questions


IEPPLAN.COM/504PLAN.COM are online resources that empowers students and parents to create their own IEP Teams virtually, allowing them to gain valuable support and insight from a diverse group of individuals in order to craft truly individualized educational plan that meets the specialized needs of your student, prior to holding the formal IEP Team meeting with your school district.  Parents that utilize the services will be better equipped, more knowledgeable, and more confident when attending meetings to discuss the educational futures of their student(s).

How does IEPPLAN.COM/ 504PLAN.COM work?

Once you register for IEPPLAN.COM, you will be able to upload your student’s IEP/504 in a pdf file format.  Then, you will have the capability of “building your virtual team” by inviting others to join your team that have knowledge and expertise regarding your student(s).  Once your team is established, the team members will be authorized to access your IEP/504 plan to provide insight, comments, ensure compliance, make recommendations, and pose questions.

Who can I choose to be on my IEP team?

Anyone that the parent thinks is necessary.  Examples of team members include: relatives, friends, educators, medical professionals, mental health professionals, parent advocates, specialists, legal support, faith-based leaders, school board members, elected officials, regulators, civil rights advocates, and more.

Will the information that I upload be secure?

Yes.  The IEPPLAN.COM and 504PLAN.COM sites are secure and will ensure that your confidential information is safe; only allowing those that you authorize to have access to your information. uses secure certificates and industry standard SSL encryption to protect transmission and access to all your information.

Will my school district be able to access my information?

School districts currently use proprietary online tools that keep vital information out of the hands of parents. is different. restores power to the parents.  You can invite anyone to participate, even school officials.  Soon will allow school systems to register and play a more active role in the conversation.

Can my school district upload my IEP/504 directly to the sites?

Yes, as long as the School is an invited member of the parent’s team.  You may also request that the IEP/504 be emailed to you by the district in the PDF format.

If I have more than one student with an IEP/504, will I be able to create separate teams for each student?

Yes, the one fee is a flat fee and you can add up to 10 children to the account.

Will IEPPLAN.COM and 504PLAN.COM be accessible in any other language?

Yes, the site will launch in English, but Spanish and French are planned for future release.

Are resources available on IEPPLAN.COM and 504PLAN.COM?

Yes.  We will have a variety of service providers, parent advocates, human/civil rights organizations, therapists, medical support, and more available to assist you in gaining the expertise and services that your student(s) required to be successful.  Each site will also allow you to access model forms, goals, accommodations, IEP requirements, complaint supports, and much more.  Webinars, online chats, an online advocacy training academy, and other empowering services will also be accessible.  Additional services, (consultations, letter drafting, research requests, etc.) will be available on the site for a fee.

Are there any fees associated with IEPPLAN.COM/504PLAN.COM?

Yes. There is a fee of $10 per year. Join Today

How do I cancel my membership?

Go to your Membership Account page. Click cancel under the Membership you wish to cancel.